Stop and Smell the Roses!

Don’t Let Your Allergies Keep You Imprisoned Indoors

Are allergies and sinusitis keeping you from enjoying life?  How much time do you stay locked inside for fear of allergy flare-ups? Are you tired of relying on allergy medications and decongestants to get through your day? Does the coming allergy season cause you to feel a sense of dread? It’s hard to enjoy the little things in life when your head is aching from sinus pressure, your eyes are itching and watering, and your nose is running uncontrollably.

Now, imagine being able to walk outside and actually enjoy the fresh air while admiring the grass and wildflowers. Or- maybe you are feeling a little wild and you decide to drive with your windows DOWN!  This doesn’t have to be a dream; living freely could be your reality.


Say goodbye to the allergy & sinus misery and get fully back into life again with my Stop and Smell the Roses! Program.


I have helped many patients who once struggled with chronic allergies and sinusitis regain their ability to enjoy life by overcoming those pesky allergies and sinus infections.

In my Stop and Smell the Roses! Program you will experience:

  • Great energy- like you felt, you know, back in the day
  • That bright-eyed feeling where you can think clearly, because the sinus pressure and headaches will be gone.
  • The constant sneezing and running nose will become but distant memories.
  • A renewed appreciation for the beauty of the outdoors now that you can actually enjoy it!


Acupuncture is an amazing tool for helping people with chronic sinusitis and allergies. Research has shown it to be more effective than conventional treatments in improving patient symptoms.

I can help you get to the root of your symptoms using acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, food and nutrition therapy, and lifestyle suggestions to help you decrease the inflammation contributing to the sinusitis and enhance your immune system to keep the allergies and sinus infections at bay.


Reclaim Your Life Now

If you are ready to Stop and Smell the Roses!, take the first step toward something new and life changing, sign up for my complementary Discovery Sessiontoday.


The Discovery Session is a chance for us to get to know each other and to see if we would be a good fit to work together. During our 30 minutes together, we will discuss the challenges you are experiencing as well as roadblocks that seem to get in the way of your achieving optimal health and well-being, and develop a plan for overcoming these challenges



If you have any questions – you can contact Julie here.

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