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Have you ever put yourself out there and said “yes” to something that was WAY out of your comfort zone?


Lately I have been making that a practice. Saying yes, even if it feels uncomfortable. Maybe it’s the masochist in me, or maybe it’s that little voice in my head that says “this will be a good growing experience for you, Julie, you should do it!” Or maybe it’s both.

In any case, I got myself into trouble in December when I submitted a proposal to be featured on My Carolina Today. After not hearing anything back from them initially I breathed a small sigh of relief, even though I was disappointed. But then, on December 23rd, I got THE email. The one that said, “We love this!” Can you come on the show on January 8th?” I was super excited at first when I emailed them back. But once I did that, my excitement turned to fear and dread, and all I wanted to do was back out. That was only two weeks away, and the holidays were upon us! OMG! For the next week I was consumed by my fear, which manifested as complete denial. I didn’t mention it to anyone, I couldn’t think about it, but all the while it was hanging over me, making me feel heavy, agitated, and anxious. I felt overwhelmed by all of the things I thought I had to do to prepare. I had nothing to wear. I was a wreck, for all intents and purposes, and I was doing nothing to move myself forward.

Then a small miracle happened…

On Friday January 2nd, the producer emailed me to see if we could push the spot back a week. To say I felt relieved and happy is a gross understatement. I was ecstatic, and I finally felt like I had the energy to push through and make this thing happen. But for the next two weeks, I was completely absorbed by it. The TV spot was ALL I could think about. I spent HOURS obsessing about it. And then it happened, and it was done. Like that. In less than three minutes. My first thought after the show was finished was “Seriously, all of that crazy stressing for THAT?!” Though my next thought was, “Wow! I was just on TV! I did it! I pushed through my fears and made it happen.”

So for those of you out there who think that I am this super calm and grounded person who always has everything under control, I am here to tell you that I freak out and I stress out too. The lesson here, though, is that I didn’t let that stop me. In my earlier years, I would have let my fear get the best of me by backing out and coming up with a lame excuse. Have you been there? I think what has changed for me is that I am more aware of how I can use fear to guide me in my growth.

The practice of saying “Yes” to opportunities that come our way can be scary and overwhelming. Staying in our comfort zones (in our warm fuzzies at home with our creature comforts) is easy, predictable, and safe. However when we are comfortable like that, we are not growing. All of the new things to learn and experience require us stepping into the unknown, the uncertainty, outside of our comfort zones. So for the next week, I dare you. Say “yes” to something to which you might otherwise say “no”. Just experiment with how it feels to say “yes” instead of “no”. Doesn’t “yes” sound better? Positive energy. Yes! Feel the fear and do it anyway!



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Recently I had the amazing opportunity to go on air, on My Carolina Today, to speak about my radical weight loss plan for the new year- The Un Diet! In the segment I shared 3 great tips for decreasing cravings and improving your energy that naturally lead to weight loss.  If you find it helpful, please share with others! Weight loss does not have to be about counting calories and deprivation!

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